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Recycling Education

Recycling and helping reduce our impact on the landfill is an important green step for Cabrillo College. Beginning in January, we began updating all outside Recycle and Trash bins with new and more informative stickers. Sticker designs can be found at the bottom of this page. Our goal is to streamline our recycle bins to allow ease for students, faculty, and staff, to ensure all materials that should be recycled, are. It is state mandated via AB 341 that the states total waste is either reused, recycled, or composted by 2020. We are working hard to reach this goal and will be working closely with our faculty and staff to aid our community in helping reach this ambitious goal. 

Divert 75

With state-mandated AB 341, Cabrillo is required to maintain a diversion rate of at least 75% by 2020. This means that 75% of our total waste is diverted away from our landfill and into more sustainable options such as composting, recycling, and reusing. Divert 75 is a way to make our community aware of our efforts to be sustainable.

Plastics to Fuel

Jim (Homer) Holm, Executive Director of Clean Oceans International, owns and operates a Plastics to Fuel machine at Cabrillo. The goal of the Plastics to Fuel program is to provide a way to incentivize the cleanup of plastics in the ocean, in order to sustain a clean and habitable ocean. Cabrillo and UCSC students and faculty have been performing research and testing with the machine in order to fine­ tune the process of making usable fuel from discarded plastics

Earth Week

Earth Day, which is every April 22, or Earth Week, celebrated the week of April 22, has been a long running annual celebration on the campus. Events are generally planned by the student Sustainability Club which has, in recent years, been renamed Sustainability Council. Events and displays during this week have included community groups, films, lectures, and activities aimed at engaging the entire campus community. 


We've been working hard to update and revamp our bins around campus to help you recycle better. We want to make the process as easy as possible because we know recycling is tough sometimes!