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Degree Programs

The Construction & Energy Management Department - Energy Management A.S. and several energy-focused certificate programs. 

Horticulture Department - (New!) A.S Sustainable Agriculture Technology 

Additional Sustainability-Related Classes at Cabrillo

This list includes all classes  which faculty have indicated include sustainability content. 

Cabrillo Community College Sustainability Curriculum

  • Learn by Doing : Earn credits for participating in sustainability research, planning and/or applied sustainability projects at Cabrillo College (1-4 units, CWEE); contact Karen Groppi or Matthew Weis for more information. 

Sustainable Curriculum Working Group

Sustainable Curriculum Working Group meetings are once a month. We share food  and conversation about engaging our campus community with sustainability ideals across disciplinary boundaries.  Contact Karen Groppi to learn more.

Engaged Interdisciplinary Learning in Sustainability Materials

The following are reports, class modules and materials for teaching and learning about sustainability, developed or compiled by Cabrillo faculty as part of the Engaged Interdisciplinary Learning in Sustainability grant we received from the National Science Foundation 2011-2013.  The Engaged Interdisciplinary Learning in Sustainability (EILS) project was designed to integrate new pedagogies, analytical skills and applied techniques to daily activities and practices critical to sustainability in the context of higher education.

At CHESC in Santa Barbara, June 24th-25th, 2013, Karen Groppi (Engineering) and Michelle Merrill (Anthropology) were among several co-facilitators at the Sustainable Engineering and Ecological Design Consortium‘s workshop: Putting Sustainability to Work: How town-gown relationships can better prepare the next green-tech workforce.  They prepared a poster for the session highlighting the successes of student organizations and curriculum projects at Cabrillo in creating collaborative community connections, and handouts on “Social Learning for Sustainability and Abundance” and “Interdisciplinary Team, Project, Problem and Service based Learning Experiences in Sustainability.”

Flex Workshops

Historic plans at Cabillo for improvements in education around sustainability:

From College Master Plan 2008-2011

From Climate Action Plan goals (February 2010)