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Join Cabrillo Green Steps Drawdown Challenge Team to learn about ways you can reduce your carbon emissions. (ends April 24, 2019)

Earth Day is Monday, April 22 in 2019 
Now celebrated in 192 countries around the globe, it has had a significant impact on education for a more sustainable world.

At Cabrillo, we celebrate Earth Week, April 22-26.  Click on this link to see all of the events planned for this celebration of our Mother Earth.

Join the Santa Cruz Bike Challenge. Ride your bike during the month of May to win prizes, feel great and support Cabrillo's team.  Students, Faculty & Staff are all invited to join the fun. And don't forget to get your free breakfast on 

Bike to Work Day Thursday, May 9, 2019
The Cabrillo Bike Co-op will welcome you with free food in front of the Bookshop when you arrive on your bike. 6:30-9:30 am.