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Cabrillo Sustainability Organizations
Formerly the Climate Initiative Task Force, this committee is charged with recommending environmental initiatives that reduce energy consumption and improve environmental performance at  Cabrillo College.  It is a subcommittee of the Facilities Planning Committee, which reports to the College Planning Council (CPC).  The committee also provides requisite reports to the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment (now known as Second Nature) and maintains this website. 

Cabrillo Sustainability Council

The Cabrillo Sustainability Council is a student club at Cabrillo College, organized to raise awareness and facilitate
action to address the key issues related to the environmental sustainability of our college and community.


2SC: Sustainable Culture Sub-committee of Faculty Senate
This group of faculty meet monthly to collaborate on Campus sustainability outreach and awareness projects as well as developing, and sharing course related sustainability curriculum.

Cabrillo College Bicycle Cooperative
The Bike Co-op provides the Cabrillo Community with bike tool access, mechanical training, work space, and discounted parts to encourage the use of bicycles as a means of carbon-free, sustainable, low-cost transportation.


Natural History Club
The Natural History Club gives students exposure in the natural sciences through educational outdoor experiences and student-organized discussions with professionals in the field.

Natural History Club

Engineering Abroad Club
The Engineering Abroad Club is a support organization for students is the service-learning, Engineering Abroad Program. The club provides community service in an effort to educate the public. 

Associated Students of Cabrillo College Student Senate
ASCC Student Senate
With the passage of the Sustainable Purchasing Resolution and the institution of a Transportation Fee, the Student Senate further displays Cabrillo students' commitment to campus and community sustainability.

Currently Inactive:
Cabrillo Permaculture Club

This a student group formed to discuss the principles of permaculture as set forth by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, and to then apply those principles to our environment. Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is an approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in natural ecologies. 


Community Green 
A chapter of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) , whose mission is to promote a better world for future generations by providing resources about building construction methods that conserve natural resources and create a healthy environment.

California Student Sustainability Coalition
As a chapter of the California Student Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC), Cabrillo students can connect with other sustainability-minded students throughout the state. 

Student Club Details 

Cabrillo Sustainability Council
Cabrillo Sustainability Council

    • Initiated a petition drive and held a Bag the (Plastic) Bag Event to rid Cabrillo College and Santa Cruz County of plastic take-out, single-use bags
    • Passed resolution for a sustainable purchasing policy at Cabrillo by Cabrillo organizations
    • Won a grant from the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District to hire and promote an online carpooling service
    • Got “Graduation Hydration Stations” and reusable bottle sales to replace single-use plastic bottled water sales
    • Organizes annual Earth Week events with guest presenters from community organizations
    • Chapter of the the California Student Sustainability Coalition

Cabrillo College Bicycle Cooperative
Cabrillo Bike Co-Op

    • Provides Cabrillo students and the surrounding community with  the tools, space, and education to use bicycles as a means of sustainable, low-cost transportation
    • Creates a safe space for individuals of any age, gender,  nationality, religion or social status to feel accepted, inspired and empowered
    • Hosts solar powered community Bike to Work events.
    • Partnered with County Social Services to provide bike for client